Starting the Conversation: A New Kind of Writing

12796_495553687132792_336774891_nAnnouncing a new series!

Interviews are one way to share ideas, make connections, and interact with the people you most admire, but Esteem is hungry for more.  We have some amazing interviews lined up for publication over the summer, and now we’re adding a new genre to our publication: the Essay.

“Starting the Conversation” is the title for a series of essays we will be posting. In each essay, the writer will pose a question to our audience. The post gives the writer the opportunity to explore their own ideas on the topic, and the comment section allows our audience to respond with their own ideas. We hope to see the conversation develop over time as threads emerge on education topics that are important to us. While this idea is not especially groundbreaking, it can be when the conversation is between educators. We strongly encourage people who’ve never been published before to share their ideas with us! And, we truly hope that those who are widely published will allow us to share their newest ideas here as well.

Here are a few guidelines for submissions:

  • Title your essay with a guiding question.
  • Explore your ideas in 500-2000 of your best words (please review for grammar, etc.).
  • Include references, links, images, videos, or sound if you like. Writing can be personal. Your essay can be multimodal, or it can be in APA format. It’s up to you!
  • Look over papers you’ve written for class to see if you’d like to publish any of them, or compose a new piece of writing based on what you’re interested in now.
  • Email your submission to

Be on the look-out for our first essay next week!

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